Storytelling Challenge Level 1


Storytelling Challenge

Level 1


  • Pick ANY story of your choice, with a moral and in English, and narrate it to us live. It can be a self-composition too.
  • The story needs to have a clear moral or message which the participant has to mention.
  • Scoring will be done on Effectiveness, Body language, and Voice control. 
    • Use of physical props is allowed, but no audio/video is allowed in background.
    • Reading verbatim from a book, paper or screen is allowed.
    • The story (including the moral) has to be narrated within the time limit. Participants can give an Introduction (upto 10 seconds) at the start.
    Time Limit


    5 & 6

    3 & 4

    1 & 2

    Time Limit

    2.5 minutes

    2 minutes

    2 minutes




      1st prize: ₹ 750; 2nd prize: ₹ 600; 3rd prize: ₹ 450

      The Top 3 Winners of each Challenge proceed to the next Level! 

      All participants will receive digital certificates.

      New Challenge Format

      Each Challenge is a 1 hour long competition between 6-10 participants of the same age category over a group video-call.

      Participants perform one by one and get to see each other's performances too.

      Results are announced live at the end of the 1 hour long challenge itself!


      All participants start competing from Level 1 challenges.

      As you win challenges and Level Up, you get access to more difficult challenges as well as better competitors from across the world!


      Tips on how to prepare and answers to FAQs are provided in the Prep Book, which will be shared with all the registered participants.