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  • Participants will be shown questions on the screen one by one.
  • You have to solve them mentally and answer orally.
  • The questions will be addition and subtraction between two numbers.
  • You have a total time of 2 minutes to answer a maximum of 30 questions.  


    Classes 1 & 2

    Both numbers will be from 1-50

    Classes 3 & 4

    Both numbers will be from 1-100

    Classes 5 & 6

    Both numbers will be from 1-500

    A Prep Book covering rules and sample questions will be emailed to all registered participants.


    1st - Rs. 600; 2nd - Rs. 500, 3rd - Rs. 400 

    The Top 3 Winners will earn Level 1 Completion Badge! 

    All participants receive e-certificates


    Speed Math challenges are conducted every Thursday 

    Click the link below for available slots