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Speed Math Challenge #4


Theme- Calendar


  • Participants will see a Calendar date on their screen and they need to answer with what day of the week would fall on that date. This has to be done without using a calendar or writing it anywhere, within a fixed time limit.
  • For example: If you see 14th Nov 2020 as your question, then the correct answer to that would be Saturday. All participants of the same age category will get questions of similar difficulty levels.
  • They won’t be repeated so if you pass, you won’t get to attempt them again.
  • Scoring will be done based on how many correct answers you give within the allotted time. No negative marking.
  • You are NOT allowed to use a pen, paper, calculator, computer, calendar or any external help in giving your answer.


    We have 4 age categories - Under 8, 10, 12 & 16. You will be assigned an age category based on your Date of Birth.


    Details on how to prepare and answers to some FAQs are provided in the Prep Book below.  

      The months from which the dates will be given to each age category are given below. For example, the Under-8 age category will only be asked dates from the calendar of November 2020.

       Category Number of questions Month (All in 2020) Time Limit
      Under 16 30 Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 3 minutes
      Under 12 25 Oct, Nov, Dec 2 mins 30 seconds
      Under 10 20 Nov, Dec 2 minutes
      Under 8 15 Nov 1 min 30 seconds

      Total score for every participant is out of 100. Each Question carries equal marks.


      Challenge : Thursday, 5th November,  3-9 pm IST  

       Results : Saturday, 7th November, 6 PM IST

      Zoom link will be emailed by 4th November 6 PM IST.

      Registration Fee 



      Each participant earns points equal to their score out of 100. 

      Earning points helps you Level up. You can use the below grid for reference.

      Level Points
      Level 1 0-49.9
      Level 2 50-99.9
      Level 3 100-199.9
      Level 4 200-299.9
      Level 5 300-499.9


      For more details about Levels, please refer to the FAQ section on our website.

       All participants will receive digital certificates