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Speaking Challenge #11


Theme - United Nations Day

  • This Challenge is about persuading the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, on why it is important for the United Nations to focus on your chosen issue and what should be done about it!
  • It aims at assessing speakers’ understanding of the biggest issues currently facing the world and their proposed solutions for the same.
  • Participants can keep an index card for reference. Reading verbatim will lead to a lower score.

Topics (Choose any one)

Climate change

The threat of Fake News

Education for all during the COVID Pandemic

Women empowerment and safety

Recycling and waste management

Water shortage crisis


    • Scoring will be done on Speech content, Body language, and Voice modulation.
    • Students must recite their speech from memory. You can keep an Index card for reference.
    • You can give an Introduction of yourself if you wish to. It won’t be counted in the total time, as long as it is less than 10 seconds.


      You have to choose an age category based on your Date of birth.

      For example : Your date of birth is 14th October 2008. If you register for a challenge on 13th October 2020, you fall into the Under 12 age category. If you register on 15th October, you become eligible for the older age category, which in the case below is Under 16.

        More details on how to prepare and answers to some FAQs are provided in the Prep Book below.  

          Time limit
          Under 16
          3 mins
          Under 12
          2 mins 30 sec
          Under 10 
          2 mins
          Under 8
          2 mins



          Challenge: Tuesday, 20th October, 3-9 PM IST

          Results: Thursday, 22nd October, 6 PM IST 

          Registration Fee

          ₹ 299 per speaker

          Zoom link will be emailed by 19th October 6 PM IST 


          Each participant earns points equal to their score out of 100. 

          Earning points helps you Level up. You can use the below grid for reference.

          Level Points
          Level 1 0-49.9
          Level 2 50-99.9
          Level 3 100-199.9
          Level 4 200-299.9
          Level 5 300-499.9


          For more details about Levels, please refer to the FAQ section on our website.

           All participants will receive digital certificates