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Sing Out Loud Challenge 

  • Date: 12th September
  • 6 - 10 participants per competition
  • 2 mins 30 secs  per participant
  • Challenge Duration: 45 minutes
  • Session Mode: Zoom Video Call

Theme: Movie Mania

It’s time to grab that mic and SING your heart out. Presenting All-Rounder Cup’s all new Sing Out Loud Challenge. We’ve all sung along with our favourite movie songs, be it Elsa singing Let it go or Sadda Haq from Rockstar. If these foot tapping musical numbers awaken the singer in you then the Movie Mania themed challenge is your place to be!
It doesn’t matter if you are a trained singer or a karaoke singer - if you enjoy singing and have the confidence to come up and perform on stage, our Sing Out Loud Challenge is here for you to show off your vocal skills.


Rules and Guidelines

  1. This is a solo singing challenge. Songs in all languages are welcome.
  2. Time limit is 2 mins 30 secs minutes.
  3. The theme this month is Movie Mania. Participants need to sing songs that have been featured in a film or movie. Choice of song is open to the participants.
  4. Participants can refer to the lyrics of the song while performing.
  5. Participants can use a backing track or play a musical instrument to accompany their performance. However no additional points will be provided for either.
  6. Backing track, if used, needs to be played at the participant's end.
    Your background music/instrument should not be louder than your own voice.
  7. In case, there is a live musical instrument being played, it needs to be played by the participant ONLY.
  8. External (additional) microphones will not be allowed, however participants can use regular earphones with attached microphones.
    Camera should be placed at a standard position. No movement of a camera will be allowed.
  9. The participant should be clearly visible during the entire performance.
  10. The decision of judges will be final and binding.

Judging Criteria:  100 Points

You have a total of 100 points up for grabs with your power packed performance. 



Total Points 

Vocal Techniques

Evaluating the tone and how the voice adjusts to singing in tune. Adjusting to the correct pitch and holding the right notes. We will also check how well the singer is able to control their breathing while singing

30 points


Evaluating the singer's ability to stay on rhythm, tempo and in harmony. We also check if the singer is able to recall all the lyrics of the song and is able to sing without skipping words.

30 points


In a live competition, a singer is expected to sing with the right expressions, posture and really connect the emotions of the song with their audience. This is what is referred to as Musicianship.

30 points 


Stick to the theme & these points are in your pocket. 

5 points 


Complete your performance on time to grab these points. 

5 points

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