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What makes Melio Challenges Awesome?

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How do Melio Challenges Work?

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Know us from World's View

Why Parents, Students and Schools Love us!

We wish to provide extra curricular exposure to the next generation from an early age itself!


It's a welcoming and friendly forum for youth to compete and learn. The judges were friendly and always smiling. Melio Challenges are quick and straightforward. Taking the challenge online gives you an extremely comfortable environment of being at home and reduces the stress level of the competition too. I can compete with a diverse community.

Padmavathi Gopinath
Student, Class 8, KIS International School, Bangkok

Our students are very excited about new Melio Challenges. Students benefit as they do a lot of research and practice for their challenges. I wish that parents would take up this opportunity and send their children to more of these because they gain a lot of confidence.

Mrs. Jaqueline Vaz
Teacher, Sacred Heart School, Bahrain

My daughter is very confident about standing in front of people she doesn’t know. She can interact with them on her own and doesn’t need us around.

Hena Bhatia
Parent of Amyrah Bhatia, Pathways School Gurgaon

By participating in Melio Challenges, not only do I learn a new skill myself, but I also learn new skills by listening to other participants. Each Melio Challenge is a new experience. An Online challenge is different from a regular speaking event as many more people from all around the world can participate in it. One word for Melio - Incredible.

Saiansh Tapuriah
Student, Class 5, The Shriram School, Gurugram

I loved participating in the Melio Challenge because it was very well organized and all the judges and organizers were very friendly with me which made me very comfortable. It's a great learning experience as we learn many new things while preparing for the challenge. When it's online, we get to meet people from across the globe and get to know new viewpoints and concepts.

Sreejani Bhaduri
Student, Class 5, National Public School Koramangala, Bengaluru

Melio Challenges In Action

Earn Points & Level Up

Melio’s unique levels and points system is designed to put children on a pathway of continuous skill development in a fun and exciting way. As children compete in challenges at new levels the rigour and expected outcomes of the challenges increase.

Common Doubts Clarified :)

Melio conducts live online competitions for Classes 1-8 students in Speed Math, GK Quiz, Storytelling, Public Speaking and Spelling Bee.

Our challenges are conducted over group video-calls using Zoom. 6-11 participants join the video-call and perform one after another.

Once you register, we send you a Confirmation email with all the details and the Zoom links are shared two days prior to the challenge. You can join using a laptop (preferable), desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Our challenges are open to students from across the world, as long as they are eligible for that Class category.

All our competitions are single round competitions and the top 3 winners are declared at the end of each challenge.

All registered participants receive a Handbook to help with the preparation. It also answers the most common doubts that participants and parents tend to have about the competition.

All Melio participants start their challenges at the Beginner Level. As they win they earn points based on the rank achieved. Once they achieve the minimum points to elevate they Level Up! Click here to know more about the Level progression.

As one climbs levels, they gain access to invite-only challenges, competing with peers of similar skill levels. Each of the disciplines we conduct challenges for, such as Spelling Bee, GK Quiz, Speed Math, Speaking, Storytelling and so on have their own Levels. 

Points are calculated based on the rank achieved in the challenge.

Rank :- 1st 2nd & 3rd - 1000 Points / 4th 5th & 6th - 500 Points / 7th & Beyond - 250 Points

Top three Winners of each challenge receive Amazon gift vouchers. All vouchers can be redeemed only on Amazon India.
Rank 1 - INR 600, Rank 2 - INR 500, Rank 3 - INR 400

All our challenges carry a registration fee of Rs. 299.

Yes. If you are a participant in a competition, you get to see the performances of all the other competitors as well.

1) Participants are recommended to register for challenges as per their levels achieved.

2) If a participant is appearing for a challenge at the lower level. he/ she would not be eligible for points. The participants are still eligible for Prizes and Certificates.

3) In case of unavailability of the achieved level challenges, participants are recommended to choose to the next highest challenge level available for booking. However, the points for the same would not be counted as per the above mentioned condition.

4) The lower level-challenge result will not effect or change your current achieved level on Melio

The 'Contact' Section below has our email id, our mobile number and the link to our Facebook page. In addition, there is a 'Chat' button at the bottom-right of this page. 

Feel free to drop us a message on Whatsapp, email or Facebook, or call directly!